Fruit production

Our company has been growing fruit in the area of Kecel, Hungary.
On our 40 hectars of plantations we grow excellent quality sour cherries, cherries, plums and strawberries

Fruit production


Friss Gyümölcs Ltd is a founder member of Fresh Fruit TÉSZ Co-operative (, which unites and helps the farmers of our area in the sales of their products. The co-operative is Global Gap certified, including all the plantations of Friss Gyümölcs Ltd.

Our main goal is to provide our customers with healthy, high quality fruit.


Our main produce and ripening periods:

  • Sour cherries - Érdi jubileum (early June), Érdi bőtermő (mid June), Újfehértói fürtös (late June)
  • Cherries - Bigarreau Burlat (late May) and different “Germesdorfer” varieties (mid June)
  • Plums - Lepotica (early June), Stanley (early August), Prezident and Angelina (early September)
  • Strawberries - Asia, Alba, Roxana (from early May)